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So how much does a first year at university cost in 2016?

The #Feesmustfall campaign gained a lot of publicity in 2015/2016 and although inroads have been made, unfortunately students still have to pay for tertiary education. And as parents we eed to be able to sufficiently make provision for this. Each university should have a fees booklet that lays out the costs of your studies. Though fee structures can vary from institution to institution, Parent24.com has a very interesting article with the kinds of fees one can expect to pay when a student is registered and attends their first year in University or College. Red that article here:  http://www.parent24.com/Teen_13-18/Learning/how-much-does-a-first-year-at-university-cost-20160317   2b760e1a98b94be59f6d3aa925a57d5d

To give you an idea of what first-year studies cost, we’ve compared the costs of some common degrees, diplomas and certificates from different public and private colleges and universities.


The first-year tuition fees for different degrees

Note: These fees are for 2016, and are for South African citizens only. Different fees apply for international students.

Bachelors of Arts or Social Science (BA or BSocSc)

BA degree, BAScoSc degrees

Accounting (BCom Accounting)

university fees, accounting

Information Technology (BIT, BTechIT, BScIT or equivalent)

university fees, information technology

Bachelors of Laws (LLB or BLaws)

university fees, law

Medicine (MBChB or MBBCh)

university fees, medicine

Social work (B Social Work or BA Social Work)

university fees, social work

Engineering (BEng, BSc Engineering or BTech Engineering)

university fees, engineering

Pre-primary and Primary Education (BEd: Foundation phase)

university fees, education

Music (BMus)

university fees, music

Graphic design (National Diploma in Graphic Design, BA Graphic Design or Bachelor of Design)

university fees, design

Business Administration and Business Science (B Business Admin, BBusSc or BTech Business Admin)

university fees, business school

Educare (National diploma)

university fees, educare

Hospitality management (National diploma)

university fees, hospitality

Office Administration (National certificate)

university fees, office admin


To see how all these fees might add up, let’s look at an example. A female first-year student wants to study BCom Accounting. She needs full accommodation, with all meals, and is willing to share a room. She has received no bursaries and have no siblings, so no sibling discount applies. She’s a South African citizen.

University of Cape Town

university fees, university of cape town
* University’s own estimates Source: UCT website 

University of KwaZulu-Natal

university fees, university of kzn
Source: UKZN website

University of Pretoria

university fees, university of pretoria